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welcome to tuskar financial consultancy ltd 

guiding your business to financial freedom

Power your business growth with complete financial and management support for ambitious SMEs

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supporting small businesses with big ambitions

Tuskar is a financial consultancy firm designed to support small and medium-sized businesses in every sector and industry.

We draw on extensive expertise, experience and qualifications to provide consultancy help and advice far beyond the level that most SMEs can achieve in-house. By partnering with us, you get big-business finance support, but with a personalised touch.

solving your financial headaches

We know that handling financial affairs at the same time as running your business can be tough.
That’s why our services are designed to expertly solve your biggest financial challenges:

“i need help and advice
growing my business.”

“I need support securing funding.”

“i need support securing


Our decades of cross-industry expertise and proficiency in key finance software means we can take an objective look and help you plan ahead with confidence.


Not only do we go much deeper into your finances than most accountants, we’ll also provide education so that you can gain a much better understanding of your finances.


We can help you draw up business
plans, apply for funding, and advise on management across both accounting and non-accounting matters.

experience you can rely on.

Tuskar Financial Consultancy was founded in
2021, but is built on decades of experience.
Owner Tomas Kavanagh has been working in the
finance industry for more than 30 years, leading finance departments for major international businesses in a variety of different sectors.
Take a closer look at our background and how we’ve
developed the expertise that you can benefit from.


book your free consultation.

To find out about our services in more detail, and learn how we can support

your specific needs, book your free consultation today.

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