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Powering SME growth
with expertise.

Discover how we can fill your gaps in finance and accountancy expertise, and set you on the path to success.

what we do

We provide a variety of finance-related services to small and medium-sized business,
relieving the burden of finance administration and helping uncover new insights:

business planning 

funding applications 

processes and efficiency

Business Plan

We’ll collaborate with you to review
your existing business, explore all the
information available to you, and help
you develop your future business
model. Through careful business planning, we’ll help you better understand the financial position of your business, giving you the
clarity you need to make confident
commercial decisions.

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If you’re aiming to attract investment
into your business, but feel you require help with your business plan or
application, then we can give you all
the support you need.
Our years of experience in handling
these proposals can ensure you cover
every area prospective investors will be interested in, including detailed
business modelling. Access to ‘angel
investor’ funding means we can also
potentially open useful doors for you.

Wall of ideas

It can be hard to understand how to
improve your operations when you’re
busy with the day-to-day. That’s where
we can help you with an objective look
at your business processes, identifying
areas for increased efficiency, stronger profitability and better data analysis. We’ve had countless success stories in improving processes, both inside and
outside accounting functions, making us perfectly placed to help your business thrive.

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