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your guiding partner for business success.

Inspired by Tuskar Rock Lighthouse in Ireland, Tuskar Financial Consultancy was created with a simple aim: to guide your way through the challenging world of business finance.


supporting small businesses with big ambitions

Tuskar Financial Consultancy was founded in 2021 to help
small and medium-sized businesses get the same financial
management as their larger competitors.
We understand that many SMEs are held back by a lack of
in-house resources, or a lack of a dedicated finance
director. That’s where we can help, with expertise and
advice that can make sense of your finances and help you
thrive in a challenging business world.

Tuskar Financial Consultancy’s founder and manager Tomas
Kavanagh has over 30 years’ experience working in business finance. He’s operated in a variety of different roles, from basic bookkeeping all the way through to CFO, in several different sectors and countries. His expertise, combined with proficiency in key software tools, makes him your ideal partner for establishing better management and understanding of your finances.

tomas kavanagh: experienced
and expert.



professional finance with a personal touch.

We know SMEs like you combine professionalism with personal service every day. Our
finance services are designed to give you exactly the same.

objective analysis.

business insights

mapping out the future

Business Meeting
Computer with Graph
Image by Ryan Ancill

If you aren’t sure of your numbers or
your decision-making, we can give you a second opinion, based on decades of experience.

We go far deeper into your figures than what you need to provide to HMRC: we take a detailed, strategic look at your finances and deliver meaningful insights into your business.

If you’re assessing opportunities for
growth, we can help you put figures to
your plans and provide predictability for the years ahead.

talk to tuskar. 

To find out how Tuskar Financial Consultancy can support your
specific needs, book your free consultation today.

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